‘You can buy experience’

With Motor-Motion, you will receive all the help and support you need to make your exciting new business a winner. You will also have the security of a long established UK manufacturing company, and the combined experience and knowledge that comes with over 40 years pioneering work and involvement in the health and beauty industry.

Introducing Motor-Motion. . . a complete body workout system.
Motor-Motion exercise programmes can change the lives of people, young or old who need to exercise but are unable or unwilling to use conventional equipment. Motor-Motion exercise equipment removes most of the reasons for not exercising. Here is a system that allows the User to reap the rewards of a quality exercise programme in less than half the time of traditional exercise. There is no time to get bored. There is no pain or strain. The range of machines are motorised to share the work with the exerciser, this unique system of exercise is called Motor-Motion which makes exercise easy and enjoyable, best of all, results come quickly, much faster than is possible with traditional exercise methods.

Figure improvement
The combined effect of increased calorie expenditure and fat reduction, along with improved muscle tone and posture, is that dramatic figure improvement is possible within weeks, rather than months.

Fast results
Motor-Motion tones and strengthens muscles more effectively than most systems that have gone before it. Just a few 30 minute sessions of Motor-Motion can produce dramatic toning and inch loss throughout the whole body.

Protecting the heart
The Motor-Motion programs can also provide cardio vascular fitness. The benefits of cardio vascular exercise are well researched and documented. They include increased energy, better circulation and joint mobility, an improved immune system and reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, thrombosis, hypertension and respiratory problems. Many arthritis and lower back pain sufferers have also reported major improvements in their condition following a Motor-Motion programme.

Live younger, longer
Thousands of women are already experiencing the life changing benefits that the Motor-Motion programmes can provide. Whilst traditional Gymnasiums cater exclusively for exercise enthusiasts and the Lycra clad super – bodies, it is the Motor-Motion programmes that offer hope to the masses and in particular the older generation.


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